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Savage Chickens

brilliant.. more here

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cha-han!, originally uploaded by Knotty.

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sunday chilled out

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Bikini Wax..

Japanese Family Crest

the 'juggling pin' is mine.. what is your Samurai sign?

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Which Superhero are You?

My results:
I am The Flash
Fast and athletic.

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hello kitty bus

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NHS Glossary of Yorkshire Medical Terms

from the Doncaster West PCT website

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Aircraft round a Thunderstorm

this is a video of an FAA Radar track sequence of a bank of FedEx aircraft getting into their Memphis hub as thunderstorms pass over the airport.. watch them scatter toward the end.

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Is the US Deficit worse than you think?

From the FT,

"A truer measure of America's ballooning deficit

he federal government keeps two sets of books, but the Bush administration only wants you to see one of them. There is the highly publicised "President's Budget" issued by the Office of Management and Budget, and the almost-secret "Financial Report of the United States" issued by the Department of Treasury. The budget says that the 2005 US fiscal deficit was $319bn, but the Financial Report claims it is $760bn.

Which view is correct? Is the deficit a mere 2.6 per cent of gross domestic product and shrinking, as the former OMB director and now White House chief of staff Joshua Bolten claims, or an alarming 6.2 per cent of GDP and growing, as John Snow, Treasury secretary, writes in the Financial Report?"

By Jim Cooper, a Democratic congressman from Tennessee and a fiscal conservative

Basically the current figures are calculated using CASH ACCOUNTING.. ie. the US govt counts the dollars spent by its agencies and earned from its taxpayers.  The argument is that ACCRUAL ACCOUNTING should be used.. ie. measure the debts incurred before interest or principal must be paid.  Or to put it another way, using yourself as an example.. include your credit card debt, mortgage, etc.  in your personal accounting.. if you don't do this then you look much more wealthier than you really are.. right?

Further from the article, "The budget says Americans' personal share of the national debt is $28,000; the report says it is $156,000.  That means a family of five owes roughly $750,000.  As David walker, US comptroller-general, says, you owe the equivalent of a luxury home, only you do not get to live  in it.  You only get the mortgage"  - or in fact, your children, childrens' children, etc. get to pay it off.

The debt burden's grows at a rapidly increasing rate, doubling in the last 5 years.  And it doesnt include Medicare and Social Security obligations.. ouch.

Cash accounting has not been used in the business world for a while.