Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Chill dude

It's the summer, it's hot, and will get hotter.

"Osaka's Kiribai Chemical Co., who invented those clever kairo hand warmers, has released a series of cooling packs to keep kids and teenagers from melting.

Heads can stay chilled thanks to the company's hat cool pack, which can be affixed to any cap. It lowers body temp by two degrees celsius (about 3°F). There's also an ice-in-a-can spray that shoots out -10 degree frost onto towels for handy face wiping. But the best place to ice down? Necks and pits. A 15 degree cool neck wrap keeps arteries from boiling over and helps with circulation. The arm pit packs help reduce body heat in the chest. Kiribai recommends using both together for best results. So cool. Literally."

via Cool Hunting

Invented for kids to prevent hyperthermia, but I wonder how Peppery would appreciate a squirt of ice-in-a-can?

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