Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Secret sauce.. just had to buy one

If diethylene glycol (DEG) can sneak into countries in toothpaste and cough syrup, it might as well sneak around in plain sight on T-shirts.

Buy this shirt at CafePress.com.

The Chinese characters er gan chun literally mean "two sweet alcohol." It's chemistry jargon in Chinese, so many Chinese-speakers won't know what the T-shirt says and may think it's nonsense.

ironic characters

boing boing

Holiday home..

Fiji island for sale.. shame they have started the 'development', would have been nicer with just a house and an airstrip.. Euros250,000

Must. Watch. Youtube.

the 50 must watch web video clips according to the telegraph.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Embrace the Geekness

"You keep calling yourself a nerd," he said to me while we ate lunch, "but you're not a nerd. You're a geek."

"What's the difference?" I asked.

"Nerds don't know they're nerds, but geeks know they're geeks, and they embrace it."


Geek will be the new black. Mark my words.

weather front

weather front, originally uploaded by Knotty.

All You Need To Know

Watts/KG take a big, big jump when you can get that oxygen to the muscles. To do that, you need to increase the O2 carrying capacity of the blood. The ultimate test of how much O2 one can get their blood to carry, is a tough climb.

Plateau de Beille ; a steep 15.9 KM climb done at the end of 197 KM long Stage 14 2007.


Marco Pantani (1998) 43:30

Alberto Contador (2007) 44:08

Michael Rasmussen (2007) 44:09

Lance Armstrong (2004) 45:30

Lance Armstrong (2002) 45:43

Martial Gayant, coach of the Francaise des Jeux team after examining the times this year:

“When you’ve got times that approach those of pre-1998, obviously you’ve got to be skeptical.”

Climbing speeds and wattages are going to have to drop to late 1980’s levels before the sport gets credible. It’s not like human evolution made a huge progression in the last twenty years, but knowledge of illicit ways to get blood to carry more O2 sure have.


Saturday, July 28, 2007


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Friday, July 27, 2007

party train

party train, originally uploaded by Knotty.


Filmed in Colombia?

A remake of Charlie's Angels is on the cards, featuring LA's most wasted, photographed and talked-about young celebrities, Lindsay, Paris and Britney?

That famous voiceover introduction would surely start:

"Once upon a time there were three beautiful girls who all went into showbusiness... but I took them all away from that and now they work for me. My name is Charlie."


Thursday, July 26, 2007

hectic high finance

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foganozos via boing boing

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Prius ranting (again.. sorry!)

Prius owners are "making a loud lifestyle statement: We're saving the planet; what are you doing?

This helps explain why the Prius so outsells the rival Honda Civic Hybrid. Both have similar base prices, about $22,000, and fuel economy (Prius, 60 miles per gallon city/51 highway; Civic, 49 mpg city/51 highway). But Prius sales in the first half of 2007 totaled 94,503, nearly equal to all of 2006. Civic sales were only 17,141, up 7.4 percent from 2006. The Prius' advantage is its distinct design that pronounces its owners as environmentally virtuous. It's a fashion statement. Meanwhile, the Civic hybrid can't be distinguished from the polluting, gas-guzzling mob.

The Prius is, I think, a parable for the broader politics of global warming. Prius politics is mostly about showing off, not curbing greenhouse gas emissions. Politicians pander to "green" constituents who want to feel good about themselves. Grandiose goals are declared. But measures to achieve them are deferred -- or don't exist.

Deep reductions in greenhouse gases might someday occur if both plug-in hybrid vehicles and underground storage of carbon dioxide from coal-fired power plants become commercially viable. Meanwhile, Prius politics is a delusional exercise in public relations that, while not helping the environment, might hurt the economy." realclearpolitics

"I happen to like this planet and think it needs looking after. I cycle, recycle, walk a lot, try to buy things that last, don’t drive my kids to school (they walk or take the bus) and believe that great car engineering is first and foremost about the ef word – yes, efficiency. But I’m sick of the hysteria. Friends of the Earth cinema ads try to scare my kids – it’s the eco equivalent of the Puritan’s fire and brimstone. Repent or divine wrath and punishment follow. The daft Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook urges us to wear a jumper and share a bath.

Fortunately most adults still seem to be treating all this alarmism with a healthy dose of good-old British scepticism. In France, it’s just not an issue. The heavy rainfall in the Dordogne we experienced wasn’t treated with portentous hysteria. Rather, it was an excuse to retire to a good restaurant and have a long lunch, a far heathier reaction if you ask me." Gavin Green Car

USA States Tetris



Vino.. dope? The Tour de Farce

"...if he's guilty, Vinokourov will be one of the first riders who signed the UCI's "Riders' Commitment to a New Cycling" to test positive for doping. As a result, on top of the normal 2-year suspension, Vino would have to pay the UCI his entire 2007 salary. It's the first time the UCI has added a huge financial penalty to the fight against doping, and as a threat it may not have deterred Vino, but let's see what happens when riders start having to write big checks." Chris Carmichael trainright

British rider David Millar, himself once banned for using the blood booster EPO, was holding a press conference in Pau when the news broke. He said: "Jesus Christ, I'm speechless. It makes me sad. I have the impression the riders will never understand." telegraph

Blood doping explained.

Le Tour de la Transfusion.. comment on Fatty's post.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

pimp my rice paddy

"Each year, farmers in the town of Inakadate in Aomori prefecture create works of crop art by growing a little purple and yellow-leafed kodaimai rice along with their local green-leafed tsugaru-roman variety. This year’s creation — a pair of grassy reproductions of famous woodblock prints from Hokusai’s 36 Views of Mount Fuji — has begun to appear (above). It will be visible until the rice is harvested in September."

pink tentacle via boing boing

dirty car art


How many surrealists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?


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Tracking results detail for 7574216064
Tracking summary
Current Status Shipment delivered.

Delivered on 7/23/2007 3:33 pm
Signed for by J KNOTT

Tracking history
3:33 pm Shipment delivered. Tokyo, Japan
11:26 am Delivery attempted; recipient not home. Tokyo, Japan
7:42 am With delivery courier. Tokyo, Japan
6:55 am Arrived at DHL facility. Tokyo, Japan
3:07 am Depart Facility. Tokyo, Japan
3:05 am Processed at DHL Location. Tokyo, Japan
11:41 pm Transit through DHL facility. Tokyo, Japan
10:57 pm Depart Facility. Tokyo, Japan
10:56 pm Processed at DHL Location. Tokyo, Japan
9:11 pm Clearance processing complete. Tokyo, Japan
10:40 pm Clearance Delay. Tokyo, Japan
11:07 pm Clearance Delay. Tokyo, Japan
5:17 pm Transit through DHL facility. Tokyo, Japan
5:17 pm Processing for clearance. Tokyo, Japan
11:00 am Depart Facility. Los Angeles Gateway, CA
11:50 pm Depart Facility. Riverside County Regional Hub, CA
4:39 pm Departing origin. Santa Maria, CA
3:27 pm Shipment picked up. Santa Maria, CA

Ship From:
SWOBO San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, USA
Shipment Information: Ship date: 7/18/2007 Pieces: 1 Total weight: 30 lbs *


Learning Style

My primary learning style is

The Tactile/ Kinesthetic Learning Style

You learn best when physically engaged in a "hands on" activity. In the classroom, you benefit from a lab setting where you can manipulate materials to learn new information. You learn best when you can be physically active in the learning environment. You benefit from instructors who encourage in-class demonstrations, "hands on" student learning experiences, and field work outside the classroom.

What is yours?

this would make a nice fixed..


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tac 2 coming along

tac 2 coming along, originally uploaded by Knotty.

Friday, July 20, 2007


An online game based entirely on slapping women in the face probably isn't any fun at all...


Thursday, July 19, 2007

japan earthquake

• Japan, situated on the "Ring of Fire" arc of volcanoes and ocean trenches that partly encircles the Pacific Basin, accounts for about 20 percent of the world's earthquakes of magnitude 6 or greater.

• A tremor occurs in Japan at least every five minutes, and each year there are up to 2,000 quakes that can be felt by people.

• The Great Kanto earthquake of September 1, 1923, which had a magnitude of 7.9, killed more than 140,000 people in the Tokyo area. Seismologists have said another such quake could strike the city at any time.

• On January 16, 1995, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 hit central Japan, devastating the western port city of Kobe. It was the worst earthquake to hit Japan in 50 years, killing more than 6,400 and causing an estimated $100 billion in damage.

• On October 23, 2004, a 6.8 magnitude quake struck the Niigata region, about 250 km (150 miles) north of Tokyo, killing 65 people and injuring 3,000.

• On March 25, 2007, a 6.9 magnitude quake struck the Noto peninsula in Ishikawa prefecture, about 300 km west of Tokyo, killing one person, injuring more than 200 and destroying hundreds of homes.

think the weekend one was a 6.8er..


yoda origami


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The all-knowing, merciless god of your universe..

for all my friends with daughters..

Ten Simple Rules for Dating A Daughter

Rule One: If you pull into my driveway and honk you'd better be delivering a package, because you're sure not picking anything up.

Rule Two: You do not touch my daughter in front of me. You may glance at her, so long as you do not peer at anything below her neck. If you cannot keep your eyes or hands off of my daughter's body, I will remove them.

Rule Three: I am aware that it is considered fashionable for boys of your age to wear their trousers so loosely that they appear to be falling off their hips. Please don't take this as an insult, but you and all of your friends are complete idiots. Still, I want to be fair and open minded about this issue, so I propose this compromise: You may come to the door with your underwear showing and your pants ten sizes too big, and I will not object. However, In order to ensure that your clothes do not, in fact, come off during the course of your date with my daughter, I will take my electric nail gun and fasten your trousers securely in place to your waist.

Rule Four: I'm sure you've been told that in today's world, sex without utilizing a "barrier method" of some kind can kill you. Let me elaborate: when it comes to sex, I am the barrier, and I will kill you.

Rule Five: In order for us to get to know each other, we should talk about sports, politics, and other issues of the day. Please do not do this. The only information I require from you is an indication of when you expect to have my daughter safely back at my house, and the only word I need from you on this subject is "early."

Rule Six: I have no doubt you are a popular fellow, with many opportunities to date other girls. This is fine with me as long as it is okay with my daughter. Otherwise, once you have gone out with my little girl, you will continue to date no one but her until she is finished with you. If you make her cry, I will make you cry.

Rule Seven: As you stand in my front hallway, waiting for my daughter to appear, and more than an hour goes by, do not sigh and fidget. If you want to be on time for the movie, you should not be dating. My daughter is putting on her makeup, a process that can take longer than painting the Golden Gate Bridge. Instead of just standing there, why don't you do something useful, like change the oil in my car?

Rule Eight: The following places are not appropriate for a date with my daughter: Places where there are beds, sofas, or anything softer than a wooden stool. Places where there are no parents, policemen, or nuns within eyesight. Places where there is darkness. Places where there is dancing, holding hands, or happiness. Places where the ambient temperature is warm enough to induce my daughter to wear shorts, tank tops, midriff T-shirts, or anything other than overalls, a sweater, and a goose down parka zipped up to her throat. Movies with a strong romantic or sexual theme are to be avoided; movies which feature chainsaws are okay. Hockey games are okay. Old folks homes are better.

Rule Nine: Do not lie to me. I may appear to be a pot-bellied, balding, middle-aged, dim-witted has-been. But on issues relating to my daughter, I am the all-knowing, merciless god of your universe. If I ask you where you are going and with whom, you have one chance to tell me the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I have a shotgun, a shovel, and five acres behind the house. Do not trifle with me.

Rule Ten: Be afraid. Be very afraid. It takes very little for me to mistake the sound of your car in the driveway for a chopper coming in over a rice paddy outside of Hanoi. When my Agent Orange starts acting up, the voices in my head frequently tell me to clean the guns as I wait for you to bring my daughter home. As soon as you pull into the driveway you should exit your car with both hands in plain sight. Speak the perimeter password, announce in a clear voice that you have brought my daughter home safely and early, then return to your car. There is no need for you to come inside. The camouflaged face at the window is mine.

Source: Neal Boortz

TdF vs BB

"It is nice to be recognised for actually achieving something in life as opposed to spending seven weeks in a house on TV with a load of other muppets."

Wiggins has a pop at Big Brother after finishing fourth in the Tour de France prologue.


Fit doesn't have to mean thin

"It turns out that others, too, have been struck by the paradox of bicycling fitness.

“When I first got into cycling, I would see cyclists and say, ‘O.K., that’s not what I perceive a cyclist to be,’ ” said Michael Berry, an exercise physiologist at Wake Forest University. Dr. Berry had been a competitive runner, and he thought good cyclists would look like good runners — rail-thin and young.

But, Dr. Berry added, “I quickly learned that when I was riding with someone with a 36-inch waist, I could be looking at the back of their waist when they rode away from me.”

He came to realize, he said, that cycling is a lot more forgiving of body type and age than running. The best cyclists going up hills are those with the best weight-to-strength ratio, which generally means being thin and strong. But heavier cyclists go faster downhill. And being light does not help much on flat roads.

James Hagberg, a kinesiology professor at the University of Maryland, explains that the difference between running on a flat road and cycling on a flat road has to do with the movement of the athlete’s center of gravity.

“In running, when you see someone who is obviously overweight, they will be in trouble,” Dr. Hagberg said. “The more you weigh, the more the center of gravity moves and the more energy it costs. But in cycling, there are different aerodynamics — your center of gravity is not moving up and down.”

The difference between cycling and running is like the difference between moving forward on a pogo stick and rolling along on wheels. And that is why Robert Fitts, an exercise physiologist at Marquette University who was a competitive runner, once said good runners run so smoothly they can almost balance an apple on their heads."


but.. whatever they say.. its all about how fast you can get up a hill.. so thin, and therefore lighter, is better.. back to the diet.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


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Biggest Banks

"Bank of America was the biggest bank in the world last year, according to The Banker magazine, which ranked the top 1,000 banks on the basis of their holdings of tier-one capital. This is a bank's core reserve capital, comprising equity, disclosed reserves and retained earnings. Banks from emerging markets, including Brazil, India and Russia, prospered. Two Chinese banks (ICBC and Bank of China) made the top ten list for the first time. China also produced the highest number of new arrivals in the top 1,000 (seven). UBS was the biggest bank if total assets are taken as the measure, and Wintrust Financial earned the highest return on capital last year. But neither made the top ten for the tier-one list."


Immoral and unFrench

"..the latest ruse on the roads of France: drivers are avoiding disqualification by trading licence points on the internet.

Complete strangers are taking the rap for speeding offences in return for up to €1,500 (£1,000), and police admit they are powerless to intervene. Even pensioners who have not driven for many years are getting in on the act.

Advertisements on the internet offer points for sale at prices ranging from €300 in the Paris region to more than €1,500 in rural areas. “I suggest you keep your points and I’ll sell you up to six at €700 each.”

The technique is simple. In return for money, the seller provides his or her name and licence number in response to the speed camera ticket. The notice that is automatically sent to the owner of the offending vehicle includes a form for identifying another driver. Checks are extremely rare.

Substituting another driver for a speeding ticket carries a €1,500 fine. Sellers can also be prosecuted for “complicity in false accusation”.

Jean-Baptise Iosca, a lawyer, said “I have clients coming to see me after losing not only all their own points but also 12 from their grandmother and all their grandfather’s,” he said.

The illegal market is fuelled by a widespread belief that there is something immoral and unFrench about the enforcement of the 15-year-old points system with speed cameras."


mmmm... chocolate.

"Mr. Smart, learned early on in his life here that British and American chocolate bars are different, even if they share a name and a look.

“One day I was eating a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk and I thought, this has absolutely no flavor,” he said. “I looked at the label and saw it was made by Hershey. I was outraged.”

According to the label, a British Cadbury Dairy Milk bar contains milk, sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, vegetable fat and emulsifiers. The version made by the Hershey Company, which holds the license from Cadbury-Schweppes to produce the candy in the United States under the British company’s direction, starts its ingredient list with sugar. It lists lactose and the emulsifier soy lecithin, which keeps the cocoa butter from separating from the cocoa. The American product also lists “natural and artificial flavorings.”

“Hershey’s tastes like ear wax,” the theory is that the bars from the United Kingdom are made from a better recipe, containing fewer stabilizers.

“All the ex-pats definitely know the difference already and the Americans soon figure it out,” she said."



Thursday, July 12, 2007


An amnesiac walked into a bar. He said, "Do I come here often?"

Hidden Tokyo

"The hidden bars, clubs and restaurants of Tokyo are intentionally hard to find."

iPhone Too


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Feel the Force Luke..

"The “Breathe Air” helmet was created to filter out particles that irritate hay fever and asthma sufferers. It covers the cyclist’s nose and mouth with a shield behind which the filtered air circulates. The helmet was created by Luke Pannell, 22, an industrial design and technology student at Brunel University. When a manufacturer is found, the “Breathe Air” is expected to retail for about £100"

via The Times

Obsession and Etiquette

the same thing?

"That "Relentless Pursuit of Perfection" thing isn't just a slogan at Lexus apparently. Workers have to go through extensive training, including lectures and computer simulations, in addition to the physical dexterity training. And that training gets tougher and tougher to identify different skill levels. Only 300 current workers at the plant have the highest Level 1 certification. But that doesn't guarantee anything. Every four months the workers have to go through the skills tests all over again. And no matter how good the worker's skills are, there's still that old saying about cleanliness being next to godliness to contend with. Follow the jump to hear more about the whole perfection equation at Lexus." via autoblog

"There are plenty of etiquette guides for foreign visitors, but it's probably most important to try to do as others do instead of flaunting what you think you may know. On several occasions I've seen foreigners striking wooden chopsticks against each other, smug that they know how to smooth off any splinters. That's actually a crass gesture. These people probably don't know that there are more than 30 faux pas chopsticks maneuvers each with their proper term like sucking and wandering." via IHT

I think the Lexus article is a great example, and even, analogy, of life in Japan. The etiquette article less so, but interesting never the less.

Le Tour 2007

This site looks to be a good place to unofficially follow the Tour this year..

I particularly like the pictures with added captions - an example on the left..

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fitness in 100 Words

■ Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.
■ Practice and train major lifts: Deadlift, clean, squat, presses, C&J, and snatch. Similarly, master the basics of gymnastics: pull-ups, dips, rope climb, push-ups, sit-ups, presses to handstand, pirouettes, flips, splits, and holds. Bike, run, swim, row, etc, hard and fast.
■ Five or six days per week mix these elements
in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow. Routine is the enemy. Keep workouts short and intense.
■ Regularly learn and play new sports.

"What is Fitness" (pdf file)

House price dinner chat turns nasty(?)

viewpoint from the left.. via the Guardian/Observer.. check out the full article and read the comments for a more lefty viewpoint than you might find here normally.. any views?

"Britain has created a monstrous house-price-inflation machine that is beginning to devastate lives, segregate communities and dominate our culture." Really this extreme?

"The property market is the epicentre of the problem. A recent report from the National Housing and Planning Advice Unit, chaired by economist Professor Stephen Nickell, argued that despite the doubling in house prices over the last 10 years, today's property market is still not overvalued.

The simple answer is to build more houses, especially social housing, but that means eroding the green belts and relaxing planning laws - unpopular ideas. There are tougher measures, too. If housing faced higher taxes, either through inheritance tax, a wealth tax, lifting stamp duty, or limiting tax-free capital gains on housing, then house-price inflation would slow. And if Britain repealed its far too generous concession that non-residents and non-domiciled individuals can buy and hoard houses without paying tax, that would dent overseas demand. All have been ruled out because of a recoil at higher taxes.

But the mood is changing. It seems the middle class has begun to decide that the current mayhem is not in its interests. Privately some Tory policy-makers are toying with finding ways to use the tax system to slow down house-price inflation, pondering whether it really would be political suicide.

The Labour party has been paralysed, writing off taxing as leftist and impractical. But the politics of the house-price inflation machine are beginning to change. It may have made many over-50s very rich, but for the rest the social division, the private heartache, the risks of massive indebtedness and yet dearer houses make no sense. Right-wing policies have created a world we don't like. The pendulum is swinging back."

Swinging back? Hmmm..

Feel tired?

Your guide to never feeling tired again.
  • Have breakfast
  • Eat three to four times a day
  • Add more fiber and Omega-3 to your diet
  • Don't drink caffeine after noon
  • Drink lots of water


As with all new tech products, this Gizmodo "no BS" review says wait til the software updates bring real usability and the battery lasts longer. Good.. no choice anyway in Japan.. it's not out here for a while I think.

Friday, July 06, 2007


"If America were a stock, it would be a “buy”: an undervalued market leader, in need of new management. But that points to its last great strength. More than any rival, America corrects itself. Under pressure from voters, Mr Bush has already rediscovered some of the charms of multilateralism; he is talking about climate change; a Middle East peace initiative is possible. Next year's presidential election offers a chance for renewal. Such corrections are not automatic: something (a misadventure in Iran?) may yet compound the misery of Iraq in the same way Watergate followed Vietnam. But America recovered from the 1970s. It will bounce back stronger again."

Global Petrol

Baked Beans

Q: What do you call a little German who lives in a tin?
A: Heinz.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Aurora Borealis from space

Die Hard after Dark Chocolate Lie-in

"Willis is the only grunt in the New York Police Department who can crash a rented car into a helicopter gunship and put it on expenses." Die Hard 4.0

"Workaholics are fooling themselves if they think a weekend lie-in can make up for lost sleep." Losing the will to sleep

"A square of dark chocolate a day can lower blood pressure without piling on the pounds" Dark Chocolate

"When Bryn Williams found he didn't have enough garage space for his beloved classic car collection, he knocked his house down and built another one - with an amazing nine-car garage in the basement." The House with vroom to spare

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


"The thing that impresses me the most about America is the way parents obey their children."
King Edward VIII

Pious Prius

"These cars are made to show how much you care," says Garel Rhys, Cardiff Business School's professor. "They don't make money, although you can claim that they do by spreading overheads such as R&D across the rest of the business. If you included the real cost of making and developing these cars in the price, not even Guardian readers would buy them." Toyota's relentless PR even played its part in changing the rules by which vehicle emissions are judged. Hybrids already received company car tax breaks from the Inland Revenue, but they also garnered a government Powershift energy-saving programme grant of £1,000 towards the price. This official blessing was taken up by Transport for London (TfL), which allowed a "congestion" charge exemption worth about £2,000 a year to hybrids but not to more economical conventional cars with lower emissions. The Lexus LS600h, a big hybrid saloon with a five-litre V8 petrol engine, giving 30.4mpg on the EU Combined cycle and producing 219g/km of CO2, is exempt from the £8 daily charge, whereas the VW Polo Bluemotion, with a 1.4-litre diesel engine giving 72mpg Combined and 102g/km, is not. Could someone please explain why?

However much fuel it does or doesn't save, the Toyota Prius has become a byword for fatuous lip-service to environmentalism, be it from those seeking to profit from popular green credentials - preening celebrities waving their Prius ignition keys in front of the media, or the likes of David Cameron and Ken Livingstone giving another cynical photo opportunity to a car whose success has been virtually guaranteed with public money - or private individuals who simply hate anyone criticising their choice of car (especially if it cost them £18,000). Such attitudes are more about self-promotion than saving the planet and are echoed by Toyota and Lexus hybrid advertising, which in the past month has been found to be (respectively) "misleading" and "untruthful" by the Advertising Standards Authority.We know the Prius is a pretty remarkable vehicle, but it doesn't drive on water and it isn't the complete answer to global CO2 emissions."

Environmentally friendly. Who are you kidding?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Concorde Auction

Anyone fancy a bit of Concorde for Christmas?

I have my eye on Lot No.259 - Lavatory Seat, to be auctioned Saturday 29 September.. thought it might look good up on the wall of the smallest room in the house.


or perhaps Lot No.296 - Nose Landing Gear (Without wheels) mounted on the wall?
or Lot No.309 - Air Speed Indicator as an interesting paperweight?
or Lot No.310 - Machmeter?

Horoscope Fitness

Capricorn: December 23 – January 19 (ME)
As a Capricorn, you want to stand out as an individual. Stick to your fitness plan by doing what works for you and listening to your body. You leap at the chance to be the first to try something new. Just make sure you get instructions before trying new pieces of equipment or exercises so that you don't hurt yourself. Since you hate to have boundaries, you are naturally drawn to the extreme side of life. Cliff diving and rock climbing would give you a rush! Since you can’t do these every day, you can mimic this excitement with a high-intensity running program. The natural high you get after a good run will satisfy your adventurous side until you can take part in another extreme activity.

Aquarius: January 20 – February 19 (JOLI)
If you are an Aquarius, you thrive in social settings. Being alone stifles your creativity and brings you down, so take advantage of your friendly nature and join a fitness class. In your mind, the more the merrier! You have a very open mind when it comes to new ideas. This means you’re often the first one in your circle of friends to try a new fitness activity. You adopt the latest trends and equipment into your program, even when others are reluctant to change. You have a strong social conscience, so why not combine your fitness goals with charity work? Sign up for a 5K or 10K run for charity, or swing a hammer to build a home for a less fortunate family. You can get fit and feel good at the same time.

via sparkpeople - total mumbojumbo?

The Six Stages of Email

Stage One: Infatuation

I just got e-mail! I can’t believe it! It’s so great! Here’s my handle. Write me! Who said letter writing was dead? Were they ever wrong! I’m writing letters like crazy for the first time in years. I come home and ignore all my loved ones and go straight to the computer to make contact with total strangers. And how great is AOL? It’s so easy. It’s so friendly. It’s a community. Wheeeee! I’ve got mail!

Stage Two: Clarification

O.K., I’m starting to understand — e-mail isn’t letter-writing at all, it’s something else entirely. It was just invented, it was just born and overnight it turns out to have a form and a set of rules and a language all its own. Not since the printing press. Not since television. It’s revolutionary. It’s life-altering. It’s shorthand. Cut to the chase. Get to the point.

And it saves so much time. It takes five seconds to accomplish in an e-mail message something that takes five minutes on the telephone. The phone requires you to converse, to say things like hello and goodbye, to pretend to some semblance of interest in the person on the other end of the line. Worst of all, the phone occasionally forces you to make actual plans with the people you talk to — to suggest lunch or dinner — even if you have no desire whatsoever to see them. No danger of that with e-mail.

E-mail is a whole new way of being friends with people: intimate but not, chatty but not, communicative but not; in short, friends but not. What a breakthrough. How did we ever live without it? I have more to say on this subject, but I have to answer an Instant Message from someone I almost know.

Stage Three: Confusion

I have done nothing to deserve any of this:

Viagra!!!!! Best Web source for Vioxx. Spend a week in Cancún. Have a rich beautiful lawn. Astrid would like to be added as one of your friends. XXXXXXXVideos. Add three inches to the length of your penis. The Democratic National Committee needs you. Virus Alert. FW: This will make you laugh. FW: This is funny. FW: This is hilarious. FW: Grapes and raisins toxic for dogs. FW: Gabriel García Márquez’s Final Farewell. FW: Kurt Vonnegut’s Commencement Address. FW: The Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. AOL Member: We value your opinion. A message from Hillary Clinton. Find low mortgage payments, Nora. Nora, it’s your time to shine. Need to fight off bills, Nora? Yvette would like to be added as one of your friends. You have failed to establish a full connection to AOL.

Stage Four: Disenchantment

Help! I’m drowning. I have 112 unanswered e-mail messages. I’m a writer — imagine how many unanswered messages I would have if I had a real job. Imagine how much writing I could do if I didn’t have to answer all this e-mail. My eyes are dim. I have a mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome. I have a galloping case of attention deficit disorder because every time I start to write something, the e-mail icon starts bobbing up and down and I’m compelled to check whether anything good or interesting has arrived. It hasn’t. Still, it might, any second now. And yes it’s true — I can do in a few seconds with e-mail what would take much longer on the phone, but most of my messages are from people who don’t have my phone number and would never call me in the first place. In the brief time it took me to write this paragraph, three more messages arrived. Now I have 115 unanswered messages. Strike that: 116.

Stage Five: Accommodation

Yes. No. No :). No :(. Can’t. No way. Maybe. Doubtful. Sorry. So Sorry. Thanks. No thanks. Not my thing. You must be kidding. Out of town. O.O.T. Try me in a month. Try me in the fall. Try me in a year. NoraE@aol.com can now be reached at NoraE81082@gmail.com.

Stage Six: Death

Call me.

Judge Bush

"A recent opinion poll suggested the American public opposed any pardon for Mr Libby by a margin of 72% to 19%."

But forget what the people think.. commute Libby's sentence anyway.. he was the fall guy and we can assume that is the real reason behind this sentence reduction, but as a wise person commented "it makes Americans look silly and demeans the judicial process.. "respect the jury's decision" yeah right!"


Monday, July 02, 2007


Two penguins are walking across an iceberg.
One penguin turns to the other and says, "You look like you're wearing a tuxedo."

The second penguin replies, "Maybe I am."

Sunday, July 01, 2007